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The disgrace to my name,
And smear to my pride.
The enemy who lurks,
Is the enemy who dies.
The contrast that's stark,
And the contrast that's weak.
The instinct to fight,
Or to turn the other cheek.
The never-ending war,
And flames on the fire.
The rage to continue,
When the stakes turn dire.
The maturity to stop,
And the power to resist.
The childish games,
And the ones you might miss.
The talent that's gone,
And the ones who you've left.
The life that you live,
Will have no regrets.
The turning of the cheek,
And the stoppage of vanity.
For it's better to live free,
Than die with no sanity.
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 3 4
:I Miss You:
I Miss You.
I Miss You -
Three simple words
On one little page
Childish? Perhaps.
But so is the feeling that can't be tamed.
I Miss You -
One small breath
Can utter this phrase
Weak? Indeed.
But it will never be said in hate.
I Miss You -
There are only three,
Three syllables that haunt.
Pathetic? Of course.
But if I didn't say them I'd rot.
I Miss You -
The one thing to say,
And that is all.
Is that I Miss You,
But I'll let you fly for me to fall.
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 73 29
12. Insanity
12. Insanity
It can be clawing at your neck,
Or a stream of tears.
It can be a scream of help,
Or a combination of fears.
It can be a written note,
Or it can vanish into air.
However how it varies,
Depends on the care.
Depends on the family,
Depends on the friends.
Which ever way you word it,
They know it will end.
In death, in pills,
In sin, in pain.
In their mind everything
Will just blend to the same.
For you know,
That in your little head.
There is a voice,
A voice that wants you dead.
Whatever it may be,
Or however it manifests.
When you're insane,
The voice will always protests.
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 3 2
I will close my eyes,
Absorb the words I see,
Succumb to darkness,
But fall into dream.
I will unhinge my base,
From unopposed realities,
To lighter worlds,
That are known as my fantasies.
I will withhold a breath,
Till fiction becomes fact,
Till the one I want,
Becomes the one I have.
I will float away,
Live out my dream career,
Achieve my goals,
And have no fear.
I will become immortal,
As though death is a sin,
Circling around the earth,
As if on a whim.
I will then start to notice,
That the world is slightly skewed,
That this isn't just not real;
It's not even true.
I will then turn around,
And try to ignore,
The incorrect normalities,
And crazy folklore.
I will then give in,
To logic's explanation,
And sigh before,
Leaving my location.
I will then wake up,
And get out of bed,
As I soon find out,
My fantasies are dead.
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 3 12
:My own King and Queen: by SheckaTokyomora :My own King and Queen: :iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 1 0
:The Voice of Peace:
The Voice of Peace.
This is a tale of two countries who fought,
The fought until death, until lives were lost.
The explosions, flames, and undeniable deaths.
They robbed Peace of her innocence - it was no good theft.
Neither of the countries slept when they fought,
They had no security - they lived in lust of what was not.
However, while one country dreamed of tranquility,
The other craved the power and validity.
This story, however, does not address the pain,
Instead of mentioning what was lost, but rather what was gained.
For without a war there would be no Peace,
And without Peace, what would sing you to sleep?
Peace was a child with gorgeous blue eyes,
She sung the most charming songs weaved into a lullaby.
Her form was that of an aquatic being,
As pure as the river as she brought you dreams.
So Peace's beauty and intricate light,
Kept one country at bay and stopped their fight.
For they saw that if one could stay calm,
Perhaps they could forget the past, perhaps they would not fal
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 2 0
What It Means To Be Dead
What it means to be Dead.
You could die at one-hundred,
You could die at five.
Whether you die through death,
Or you still stay alive.
You could walk about the world,
And wake up everyday.
But you could still be dead,
And you can still decay.
You can open your eyes,
Or you could even keep them closed.
You're still on this earth,
But your life ended so long ago.
You can understand death,
You can understand life.
But when one starts and one ends,
Is all up to your mind.
You are who you are,
And choose when you die.
Whether it be through leaving this world,
Or caring little about life.
You may have died a million times,
But your body is moving.
So everyone else,
Will keep on assuming.
You know what it means,
To be technically dead.
But in your mind,
You've changed up the meanings, instead.
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 6 16
:Articulating Emotions:
Articulating Emotions
Articulating Emotions is an issue for a poet,
Though many may feel it,
None will show it.
Each line we write defiantly screams,
But no lines would exist,
If our minds didn't dream.
We don't constantly speak in real life,
But each word we think,
Is something we'll write.
Some think we just bask in the attention,
I assume you'd think so,
But our words are protection.
Because despite our hearts being broken we throw them on the line,
We will write it beautifully,
We will make it rhyme.
So before we're stereotyped and before we're bound,
What is a poet,
But a voice with a mouth?
Articulating Emotions is an issue for a poet,
We may feel every day,
But none will show it.
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 2 0
:My Amusement:
My Amusement
Say you love,
Say you hate.
Claim you're asleep,
Then moments later awake.
Your body lies down,
Your body says enough.
Holding your breath,
Waiting for someone to call your bluff.
Say the words,
Say them loud and clear.
But when  you get caught,
They'll all disappear.
You're a H for hypocrite,
You're a self-contradiction.
Ready to see the worst in others,
But ignore your own depiction.
However, I digress,
However, I am not mad.
But rather sorry,
Sorry rather than sad.
Sorry you're my show,
Sorry you're the movie I rent.
Because all the lies you weave,
Have become My Amusement.
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 6 6
:Four Walls:
Four walls.
Seal secured
And walls surround.
These walls become her,
But a door never found.
The mystic beauty,
Called region's queen.
Trapped in a room,
But what a room so it seems.
She was told what it does,
The room is for thought.
The walls they hear,
But walls they are not.
Beyond the walls are sin,
Addiction, and lust.
Princess may say she's perfect
But ignore them she must.
For once she sins
And steps into hell.
The walls close in
But the walls mean well.
The walls protect her,
Whisper they truly care.
Do they intend to make a queen,
But making a slut while unaware?
They center in on her,
As she takes her first smoke.
As she goes too far,
But loves so much she gloats.
Word travels around,
On the town's new whore.
They're repulsed, outraged,
But always want more.
So she gives it all,
Bears out her rage.
Will overdose until morning,
Then say it's just a phase.
The walls finally cave in,
And push her down.
Insisting she's better than this,
But better, how?
So she'll bomb the room,
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 6 10
:Voltaire: by SheckaTokyomora :Voltaire: :iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 4 8
Selling out:
Give every single
Penny you got
To a new décor,
Watch as you rot
Or kill or lie
Or cheat or die.
You exchanged it all
Like the slaughter to call
So you lure out fate
Like the devil's eye
Look for the chance
Look for the right time
To guilt, to hurt
To shame, good sir.
If I didn't know your type
I'd turn a blind eye
(You sell-out
You worthless,
Mindless drone.
When push comes to shove
You have had enough
Just to change into someone new
You weakling
You pathetic,
Infant mind.
So with all of this
Past behind me to kiss
It makes me doubt
Any bit of myself.
Sell out.)
So with the truth out
And money erased
You don't have the decency
To show us your face.
Or mind, or soul
Or hands, or hold
With a million people caring
The dreams you'd be sharing
If you were a being
Of some conscience
You'd help these people
Be sympathetic
Or sweet, or kind
Or somewhat nice.
But it's almost like a job
For you to rob.
(You sell-out
You worthless,
Mindless drone.
When push comes to shove
You h
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 4 5
:Blue is pretty: by SheckaTokyomora :Blue is pretty: :iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 1 0 :Just a bit of magic: by SheckaTokyomora :Just a bit of magic: :iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 1 0
The Lust Game
The Lust Game
A sub species
Neither beast nor human
Desired by science
Despised by churches
A split product
Of lust and biological filth
Dragged out by bait
Coming in for the kill
A sick moral
Compass that shatters above
When your hands are tied
You find your push shoved
So let's see who's stronger
Let's roll the dice
Count all your blessings
You're about to be splice
Is the name of the game
Slicing and dicing
Sit down
Eat your shame
Is the goal of the weak
Unbelievable hate
Flock together
Like sheep.
An unknown
Genetic human testing
The men sit down
And count all their blessings
The holy ones
Who claim to be so great
The irony kills me
Served fresh on a plate
Human rights
At least by any women
As soon as they were found
Men went and hid them
So let's go for round two
My armies united
You may call them freaks
But I call them my friends
Is the name of the game
Slicing and dicing
Sit down
Eat your shame
Is the goal of the weak
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 3 5
The Riches of Slumber.
The Riches of Slumber.
Gold is shabby
While silver's a bust
Gems can be nice
Though everything rusts.
Items can vanish
Obsession subdues
Objects are only nice
While one is in the mood.
You can have it all
But like a glass it's clear;
As desired as fame is
With loss comes fear
The heartbeat that gave you
Riches and fame
Can easily end
Like a ruler's reign.
With an ending defined
And a beginning seen
Everything fades
Like a tarnished dream
So what is immortal
But dies every night?
The riches of sleep
Where fame has no price.
:iconsheckatokyomora:SheckaTokyomora 5 0

I love drawing cartoony pictures with a cynical twist. My art is my Asylum, and once you get in it's hard to get out.



Thor and Loki with a Baby by wolf-pirate55 Thor and Loki with a Baby :iconwolf-pirate55:wolf-pirate55 1,001 292 Many Happy Returns wallpaper by ssuzie Many Happy Returns wallpaper :iconssuzie:ssuzie 6 6 Hell by ArElI-ChAn Hell :iconareli-chan:ArElI-ChAn 13 2 NOT ONE by Canifflecka NOT ONE :iconcanifflecka:Canifflecka 5 5 Stalkers by Alephunky Stalkers :iconalephunky:Alephunky 3,977 436 Mrs Puff by tesseract-sect Mrs Puff :icontesseract-sect:tesseract-sect 46 5 James and Lily: Deerly Beloved by behindinfinity James and Lily: Deerly Beloved :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 2,101 159 Magic Gels by chicinlicin Magic Gels :iconchicinlicin:chicinlicin 1,934 188 Undeniable Attraction by Ko-chan Undeniable Attraction :iconko-chan:Ko-chan 143 35 Geisha Custom Pony by Lithe-Fider Geisha Custom Pony :iconlithe-fider:Lithe-Fider 286 22 CE - Comet Outfit 2 by SimonSoys CE - Comet Outfit 2 :iconsimonsoys:SimonSoys 26 10 Severus and Lily by Katikut Severus and Lily :iconkatikut:Katikut 4,367 368 Hitler Youth by Rose-WolfeXX Hitler Youth :iconrose-wolfexx:Rose-WolfeXX 4 17 GLaDOS Cosplay by Meketaten GLaDOS Cosplay :iconmeketaten:Meketaten 107 158


Wow, long time no talk, you guys.

Jesus fucking christ it's been so long. Basically the short story is that A) I kind of lost interest in DeviantART and B) my computer would freeze every time I went on. Since then, of course, I've gotten a new computer, which is nice.

I see that you can change your name on here, which I kind of want to do tbqh. But alas, I do not have a premium membership, which kind of sucks because I would pay like five dollars or whatever just to change my name and be done with it. SheckaTokyomora is such a weeaboo name and I'd really rather just change it to something more...professional esque? Idek.

I cleared out my gallery again. It needed it. Fuck yeah, it needed it a lot. How I thought half that shit qualified as art I have no clue. So sorry about that - but on the plus side at least I learned from my mistakes.

Anyways, I might pop in here once in awhile - post some poetry, draw the odd picture - nothing really outstanding though. For updates concerning my life and such, hit my Tumblr because I only go on there now and sometimes Twitter. My main blog name is "TheAsylumsAbyss" and I'm mainly a fandom blog for Person of Interest, Harry Potter, and Marianas Trench.

Much love to all of you, and I'll attempt to keep in touch.

  • Listening to: Fucking Boyfriend - The Bird and The Bee
  • Reading: Ceremonial Violence
  • Watching: Dexter
  • Playing: Tales of Graces
  • Eating: Mac and Cheese
  • Drinking: Nothing.


Artist | Student | Varied

Age? Under it.
Sex? Physically female, mentally whatever the hell I want to be that day.
Location? Behind you. Creepy, huh?

I love music, writing, and pretty much anything to do with history.


"Get to know yourself and what you want, and work like a fucking machine until you get it" ~ Emilie Autumn

Interviewer: We touched on earlier about the opposing forces you faced when in school; do you smile to yourself knowing they may be seeing your success?
Emilie Autumn: I smile to myself knowing that they may be dead. ~ Emilie Autumn interview

“My whole thing is the anti-Goth, and that we’re really Gothic in the sense that there’s just some dark shit going on but we don’t have to wear black to prove it.” –Emilie Autumn

Because destiny, John, is a fickle bitch." ~ Benjamin Linus, LOST.

"Why do you find it so hard to believe?"
"Why do you find it so easy?"
~ Jack Shepard and John Locke, LOST.

"Well, you look about the kind of angel I'd get. Sort of a fallen angel, aren't you? What happened to your wings?"
~ George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life

"I'm shakin' the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I'm gonna see the world. Italy, Greece, the Parthenon, the Colosseum. Then, I'm comin' back here to go to college and see what they know. And then I'm gonna build things. I'm gonna build airfields, I'm gonna build skyscrapers a hundred stories high, I'm gonna build bridges a mile long..."
~ George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life


My favourite Singers/Bands are:
Emilie Autumn
Porcelain and the Tramps/Porcelain Black
Maroon 5
Jeffree Star
An Cafe
Exist Trace
Mindless self Indulgence
Cinema Bizarre
Skye Sweetnam
The Veronicas
Eve 6
Reba McEntire
Three Days Grace
Hugh Laurie
Marianas Trench
Smile DK.
Zombie Girl
The Parselmouths
Ministry of Magic
Picture Me Broken
Hollywood Undead
Savage Garden
Tokio Hotel
The Smiths
The Pretty Reckless
Within Temptation


Current Residence: An insane asylum, sipping tea.
Favourite genre of music: Industrial, Rock, Grunge
Personal Quote: "Okay, this is just dangerously retarded"


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